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Stephens Lutherie is focused on innovative instrument design that results in improvements in tone, volume, or longevity.  I work with leading musicians to turn new concepts into instruments they can test through daily use and performance.  The goal is to advance the development of the instruments I produce.  


I combine innovations from other stringed instruments with original ideas, backed by the knowledge of a mechanical engineer to produce truly unique mountain dulcimers as well as a variety of other instruments as time and interest dictate.


The majority of my time is dedicated to building prototypes for professional musicians.  On occasion, I may build an instrument for sale, or offer test instruments that have served their purpose.  Pricing will be based on the pricing posted under the “Purchase” tab but will be discounted to reflect any prior usage.  These instruments may have been used, but will be state of the art designs not available from any other source.  I will be happy to discuss the attributes and limitations of any instruments offered for sale.  If you have an interest in owning one of my designs, you may contact me to let me know what you are interested in.  If an instrument becomes available that closely matches your requirements, I will contact you with the details.  Note that since building new designs takes much longer than replicating existing ones, there will be a limited supply available.  


I try to put all of my design concepts into the public domain so that they are freely available to anyone interested in using them or, better yet, improving on them.  Feel free to have your luthier produce an instrument based on my concepts.  If they need additional information they can contact me for details. 


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