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Below you will find some of the wood sets that are available for your Stephens Lutherie dulcimer. Woods shown at no cost adder are standard woods and the photo is typical of the type of wood listed. The photo is not of the actual pieces of wood that will be used to build your instrument.  Where an identifying code is given under the photo, the photo is of the actual pieces of wood that would be used in your dulcimer.   Note that all Stephens Lutherie Dulcimers are constructed of instrument grade, bookmatched,  solid hardwoods  The additional cost of the highly figured wood reflects my cost to obtain these specialty woods. This is only a portion of the wood I have in inventory, so if you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to ask.

Steel String Models require a hardwood top back and sides.  Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle dulcimers require a hardwood back and sides plus a tone wood top.  Since Steel String sets require both a hardwood top and  back, their cost will be higher than Fingerstyle Models for equivalent woods.

Note that all photos are taken of dry wood with no finish.  The end product will look very different.  The clear lacquer finish will bring out the figure and add contrast to wood with light and dark wood.  Walnut will appear much darker than in the photos.

Steel String Sets- Hardwood tops, backs and sides

Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle Sets- Hardwood backs and sides

Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle Soundboards

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