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Wood Sets Are Now Online!

Figured Walnut Set GC14

With considerable help from my webmaster (who happens to be my daughter), I have finally managed to get a significant portion of my wood inventory online. The sets are categorized by usage so you can see the ones that would work for your dream instrument. Shown are both typical standard woods and figured wood sets that are available at additional cost. The options range from mild to wild. You will find walnut sets that represent the finest my supplier has seen in 30 years in the business. There are amazing curly maple sets and figured Port Orford Cedar tops. I have made a sizable investment to have these options available to my clients, so spend a few moments looking through the photos.

Note that my online photos are taken dry, which does not bring out the figure of the wood. The photo above is set GC14 taken wet (mineral sprits or alcohol ) and you can see the dramatic difference. The completed instrument will be much more like the wet version above. I use a clear nitrocellulose lacquer on my dulcimers that does not change the color of the wood, but brings out it's natural beauty.

In addition to what is shown, I have a large variety of wood that could be of interest. If you don’t see what you are looking for, let me know. I may have the perfect board hiding in my wood pile, or know where I can purchase it.

Happy hunting.

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