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Two Wood Dulcimer Are Available!

For the first time in the five year history of Stephens Lutherie there are two wood dulcimers in stock.  They are virtually identical since they were made from the same walnut board and both have simulated tortoise shell binding.  One has a Sitka Spruce top and the other has a Port Orford Cedar top.  They can be set up with either nylon or steel strings since the latest design accommodates either type.  You can choose from a magnetic or a piezo under-saddle pickup.  The price for either is $1785 plus shipping.

For the first five days, the dulcimers are reserved for my waiting list.  After that they will be offered to the general public.  If multiple people on my waiting list are interested in the same instrument, the person highest on the list will get priority. If you have questions about the available dulcimers feel free to contact me by phone (414-640-0712) or via email at

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