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Progress Report

Progress is being made toward a functioning lutherie shop. As the snow melts away and the distinctive cry of cranes returning can be heard overhead, some of the critical steps required to start building instruments again have taken place. Knowing that my shop space would be smaller in the new location, I sold several large machines prior to the move, including my 12" jointer. Yesterday I picked up its replacement. It's a vintage Delta 8" machine with a bed just long enough to handle instrument work, but not so long that it wastes valuable real estate in the shop. The machine could use some attention, but is basically functional and should serve me well. It will fit in perfectly with my trusty 1950's Delta table saw and shaper, which I just reconfigured onto a massive mobile base that is very space efficient.

I also sold my CNC router prior to the move. It had served me well, but there were issues with communication between the router and an off-site server that seriously impacted productivity. The new router (which is scheduled to arrive around April 8th) is larger and more robust so that it will be able to do in a single pass, what the old router took three passes to complete. It also can operate directly from a saved file without having to communicate with another device.

So, at this point, all the equipment that I will need is either in the shop or on the way. There is still a ton of work to be done, but I think I can see a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. Which is good because I am most anxious to get back to building dulcimers.

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