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Planning on attending Black Mountain Music Festival October 14-19

I just wanted to let everyone know that I plan to have instruments available to try out and purchase at the Black Mountain Music Festival this October. Black Mountain is in North Carolina, very close to Asheville. Butch Ross is instructing and performing, and it is very likely he will be playing several of my dulcimers, both wood and 3D/wood hybrids. He will have had his new HyVibe smart dulcimer for a while prior to the event, so I expect he will give it a good workout during the festival.

Here is a list of the instruments I plan to have at the show:

  1. HyVibe smart steel string demo dulcimer

  2. HyVibe smart nylon string demo dulcimer

  3. Three or four 3D/wood hybrid nylon string dulcimers for sale

  4. One 3D/wood hybrid steel string dulcimer for sale

  5. Wood nylon string demo unit that will be made available to my waiting list after the festival (discounted for any wear)

  6. Wood steel string demo unit the will be made available to my waiting list after the festival (discounted for any wear)

There may be some additional dulcimers if all goes well in the shop. One or both of the HyVibe demo units may also be available at the close of the festival. Note that when I say the 3D/wood hybrid units will be for "sale", what I mean is, they will be available for a specified charitable donation. I am generating a list of charities that the buyer can choose from. and a donation amount In the case of the HyVibe equipped dulcimers, the "buyer" will have a HyVibe System drop shipped to me in addition to the donation since the $395 cost of the system is a bit too much to absorb.

I am looking forward to meeting old and new friends from the dulcimer community at Black Mountain. I hope you can be one of them.

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