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Instruments are flowing through the shop.

The photos show the seven instruments that are currently making their way through the shop. Four are steel strings and three are nylon strings. Note that the backs are just sitting on the bodies and the end blocks are not installed at this point. Once the backs have been braced, they will be glued to the sides and the internal I-beam structure.

The steel strings are all custom woods- one quilted cherry, one figured and curly maple, one bird's eye maple and one curly myrtle. They will all be rather unique and, I think, rather attractive once completed. The myrtle instrument will have a Port Orford Cedar soundboard, which I am most anxious to hear. The other three will have the standard Western Red Cedar soundboard.

The three nylon string instruments are all destined for testing with Aaron. Again, there are different woods on each of the bodies- one myrtle, one curly maple and one claro walnut. There are also three different soundboards (tops) being prepared- one sitka spruce (as was on the prototype), one Western Red Cedar and one Port Orford Cedar. We will be able to try any of the tops on any of the bodies, using the fixture I built that allows testing prior to gluing the top to the body. Once we have assessed as many of the combinations as we think are necessary, we will determine which combination(s) will be offered as standards. I will then complete Aaron's performance instrument and he will begin a short evaluation period. Almost immediately, I will start the first production run of ten nylon strings.

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