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First build of the Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle Dulcimer is underway!

I have been collecting materials for the first build of the Aaron O’Rourke Fingrestyle Dulcimers and am set to begin construction.  I recently updated my website with additional information about the two models that will be available and the pricing for each model.  If you have reviewed this material and are interested in purchasing a Fingerstyle Dulcimer, please let me know, along with the answers to the following questions:

1. Are you interested in the Signature or the Pro Model?

2.  Would you want the optional Artec under-saddle pickup?  This pickup is used in situations where feedback is problematic.  The standard pickups will provide superior replication of the sound and will work well in many situations when using a dedicated amp.  The under-saddle option was developed at Aaron’s request to try to overcome feedback in large venues.

3.  Which wood would you prefer for the sides and back?

    a.  Maple

    b.  Walnut (Aaron's instrument is figured Claro Walnut)

    c.  Myrtle

    d.  Cherry

e. Quartersawn Sycamore (google "sycamore guitar" to see what this wood looks like)

f. Sapele (the Steel String dulcimers on my website are sapele)

Myrtle, Curly Maple, Figured Maple and Curly Cherry

4.  Would you prefer standard instrument grade hardwood or figured wood at an additional cost of $50 to $200.  Note that the figured wood adds little or nothing to the sound of the instrument.  It is mainly aesthetic.  I do not attempt to profit from the upgrade charge, merely cover my costs.

5.  Let me know what city the instrument will be kept in so that I can evaluate whether or not special consideration needs to be given to the average relative humidity there.

I don't take deposits on instruments. Rather I build what people tell me they are interested in and offer them the right of first refusal upon completion.  If they pass on the dulcimer it becomes available on my website.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Aaron O’Rourke Fingerstyle Dulcimer.  Aaron should be posting some new files of his performance instrument soon.  He says it just keeps sounding better and better, and it sounded awfully good (with Aaron playing it) when I delivered it to him.



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