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Houston, we have liftoff!

At 1:15 AM, one day, nine hours and two minutes after the print started, there it stood like a rocket on the launchpad. Amazingly, with the addition of printed caps at the head and foot, it appears to be a functional dulcimer body. There are a few minor cosmetic issues to improve on, but all in all, I am am sure the process has great potential. As the print got higher and higher, I was increasingly concerned that the adhesion to the bed wouldn't be adequate hold the the body as it rapidly accelerated back and forth during the print. But hold it did and I have a body to test.

Now I am psyched to finish setting up the wood shop so I can make the remaining wood components and test he body with several different soundboards. More postings to come as testing proceeds.

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Give that luthier a Gold Medal!

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