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Note that I am not taking orders for custom dulcimers.  I will be producing both all wood and 3D printed/wood instruments that will be offered first to those on my waiting list.  Feel free to contact me to be added to the list.

Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle Dulcimers

Note that Stephens Lutherie is not taking orders for custom dulcimers at this time.  I am focusing on the development of the instrument rather than production.  If this situation changes, I will update this page.

Signature Model

The Signature Model is aimed at the lap player who wants the unique sound and playability of nylon strings at a more economical price point.  The tone of the instrument is virtually identical to the Pro Model because it has the same fully vibrating soundboard and elevated fretboard.  The Signature Model has a double back so your lap will not diminish the volume or the rich texture of the sound.  Inside, the sound chamber and beam construction are identical to the the Pro Model.  In order to keep costs in line, the Signature Model forgoes the radiused fretboard, the gold EVO Frets and the bevel (which would serve no purpose).  If you prefer playing with your instrument in your lap, as many of us do, the Signature Model was designed for you.  It compromises nothing in terms of the unique sound of an Aaron O'Rourke Fingerstyle Dulcimer.


Standard Aaron O'Rourke Signature Model                                                $1585

Optional plastic binding                                                                                  175

Optional four tuner headstock (includes four string bridge)                             25

Optional Artec under-saddle pickup and special bridge*                                100

Custom shipping crate                                                                                       50

Pro Model

The Pro Model incorporates all of the bells and whistles of the instrument that Aaron plays in performance.  It too has a double back, since Aaron found that there was a difference in tone when the back was dampened by contact with the player's body.  It has a radiused fretboard with larger EVO gold frets that suite Aaron's style of play.  To significantly reduce arm and shoulder strain, the Pro model incorporates a large bevel that works for a variety of right hand positions.  


Standard Aaron O'Rourke Pro Model                                                          $1975

Optional plastic binding                                                                                  175

Optional four tuner headstock (includes four string bridge)                             25

Optional Artec under-saddle pickup and special bridge*                                100

Custom shipping crate                                                                                       50


                                                                                  Signature Model                                          Pro Model




Acoustic design                                                        Floating fretboard                                Floating fretboard

Structural design                                              Internal beam, bolt-on neck                   Internal beam, bolt-on neck

Overall length                                                                       36.4"                                                   36.4"

Width at major bout                                                               7.9"                                                     7.9

Height of body                                                          2.70" at foot- tapered                        2.70" at foot- tapered

Number of frets                                                               2 octaves                                               2 octaves

Width of fretboard                                                                1.5"                                                       1.5"

Scale                                                                                     25.0"                                                     25.0"

Frets                                                                       18% Nickel-silver                                          EVO Gold

Dimensions of frets (H xW)                                             .045 x .095                                             .047 x .107

Number of strings (standard)                                                  3                                                                3

Fretboard radius                                                                   Flat                                                            10"

Zero fret (Y/N)                                                                        Y                                                               Y

Bevel (Y/N)                                                                             N                                                               Y

Brand and model of tuners                                           Gotoh UPT  silver                                  Gotoh UPT gold

String set                                                         Nylon standard/Steel upon request     Nylon standard/Steel upon request

Bindings                                                                       plastic optional                                          plastic optional

Exterior body wood                                                    solid tonewood                                         solid tonewood

Neck                                                                carbon reinforced Sapele                              carbon reinforced Sapele

Headstock overlay                                                          Richlite                                                        Richlite

Fretboard                                                                       Richlite                                                        Richlite

Pickups                                                              Custom Dual JJB standard                       Custom Dual JJB standard

Optional pickup                                                 Artec under-saddle system                        Artec under-saddle system


Note: Stephens Lutherie is constantly improving their instruments and reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Since all instruments are made to the clients order, they are not returnable.  If possible, it is best to play a Fingerstyle Dulcimer prior to ordering to be certain that your style of play is a compatible with the instrument.    

* When the Artec under-saddle is ordered, it is wired to the tip of a single stereo jack.  The ring of the jack is wired to the Dual JJB pickups.  These two signals can be split with a splitter cable and either signal can be plugged into whatever amplification system you choose, or both signals can be fed into a pedal like the Boss AD-10 where they can be blended and/or modified to suite.

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